Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome Strength Running Team Members

Update on my training and plans.

Today I stopped participating in the Strength Running team site, run by Jason Fitzgerald at  I noticed when I posted on that site that I was leaving that I got a nice little blip on folks checking out by if that's the Strength Running team members...welcome!  (Big welcome also if it's others that stumbled across my blog coincidentally on the same day).

It took me a while to decide to stop participating in the team (virtual team, for those not familiar).  I actually found Jason prior to him doing the virtual team thing, I bought a training plan from him in December last year, after hurting myself doing my own "home brewed / internet search" plan.  I like his focus on injury prevention, and the extra strength work and I progressed really well on his plan - and didn't get injured.

Then, when the team Strength Running thing happened, I signed up right away.  I slowly realized the information on the Strength Running site I already had in my training plan (purchased previously), then I found all the original sources of information Jason put together with his own (good) twist on things, such as Coach Jay Johnson, Matt Fitzgerald, and Steve Magness.

I've slowly been morphing my plan from Jason to incorporate other things I've found in their books, blogs, sites, pod casts, etc. and I've been moving away slightly from Jason's training plans...although it's still my "go to" starting point that I modify to fit my personal preferences.

So...if you are reading this, and you're a member of Strength Running, good on you!  It's a great place to get great information and stay injury free.  Please comment or "Friend" me on Facebook.  I like hearing about successes and failures (I mean "learning experiences") from other runners.

Happy trails!

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