Sunday, June 12, 2016

C&O Canal Towpath - Back To It!

If you've read my old posts from a few months ago, you'll remember that I have an idea to run the entire length of the C and O canal, which follows the Potomac River from DC to Cumberland, MD.  The total length is 186 miles.  Since I'm covering portions of the path by doing "out and back" runs, I'll end up running 370 miles to cover the full length.

I got away from running the path a few months ago when I realized it's not the best place to run in bad weather.  In the cold, it ices over (most of the path is always in the ice lasts A LONG time), it also has sections that flood easily in spring rains.

But, I REALLY enjoy running the path.  It's well maintained, part of the National Parks program, has porta potties every 3-5 miles, mostly hard packed dirt (easier on my old legs), and I generally get into a great mood, and feel "closer to nature" as I see bunnies, deer, squirrels, etc. and NO cars.  Most of the time the only sound is my feet hitting the path.

Prior to today I've covered mile posts 17 - 76.

Today I parked at Taylor's Landing Boat Ramp at mile 81.  I had a little trouble Then turned around and went past mile 81 up to mile 84 - then backto mile 81 and the car.

This section of the path did not disappoint - it was a very nice run.  Out in these sections, there is usually very few people around.  Today I only saw s one other run a couple walking their dog - nice.  I can use the time to focus on my thoughts and my run.

Today's run: mile post 76-84
Total miles covered:  17 - 84 (67 miles covered)
Miles remaining:  117

No pics today.  If you read my training log for this week you'll see I made a mistake in my fueling and fizzled out at the end.  I was in no mood for a short walk to take pics afterward.

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