Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trainng Log - Week Ending May 1 - Redskins Draft Day 5k

Another weekly installment of the my weekly training log.

I'm in week 18 of my 20 week plan provided by Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running.

This week I've decided to run a 5k to peak my conditions (hopefully) for a 10k race in two weeks.

I've cut back the mileage, and did a pretty specific interval workout in hopes of beating my 5k PR of 18:41 I set last month (about 6 weeks ago).  18:30 would be would require a pace of 5:58.  Details of the race are posted separately under the title "Redskins Draft Day 5k".

This week I also did some business traveling, but it was not too bad.  I only have to drive to Baltimore (about 90 minutes) from my house and I stayed in a hotel right on the "Inner Harbor".  Made for nice runs early in the morning around the scenic harbor....lots of runners out every morning.  Over the last six months I've traveled to SF, Austin, and now Baltimore.  In each case I've found great running along a waterfront.  In SF it was the SF bay, in Austin I had a great little river right at the backdoor of my hotel,, and  now the Chesapeake Bay.  Feeling pretty lucky to have to have a chance to visit and run these places.

I posted on the 5k race yesterday.  If interested, see "Redskins  Draft Day 5k" post with label of "Race Report".

Weekly Mileage:  26
Long Run:  N/A
Weight: 139

Daily Workouts:

  • Monday - off.  Feeling tired from 15 miles yesterday.
  • Tuesday - 4 miles easy around the Chesapeake Bay.  Dynamic stretching.

  • Wednesday - warm up and 4 x 2' @ 10k pace (6:11), then 4 x 1:30 @ 5k pace (5:55) with equal time jogging rest in the hotel gym. Finished with a couple miles outside running around the bay.  7 miles total.  Hip mobility and stretching.
  • Thursday - off.  Racing Saturday.  I've found taking the second day prior to a race off works for me. 
  • Friday - 3 miles easy + a couple strides.
  •  Saturday - 5k Race + 2 mile warm-up and 2 mile cool down.. ITB rehab routine, upper body strength, foam rolling, dynamic stretching.  See "Redskins 5k" post with Racing label..
  •  Sunday - 5 miles easy. ....recovery run.  Felt better after the run than when I started.  Mission accomplished. Core work.  Foam rolling.  Hip mobility. 

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