Sunday, May 22, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending May 22

Hello Everyone.

This is week is a "recovery" week, after my goal 10k race last Sunday.

I took Monday - Thursday, completely off....I didn't do nuthin.  This is first time I've taken more than one day off in a row since early December.  The last two times I took this many days is because I hurt I guess that's improvement!

The timing of the layoff was good because I took a work trip, leaving Monday night and returning Thursday night.  I purposely didn't pack any running or workout clothes...just in case I got the inkling to sneak in a run.  I also ate the usual crap food and drank beer, as is usual for work trips when  meeting customers.  Normally I try to eat better on trips, but took this week as a chance to relax on my diet too.

After four days off my lower back started to get achy (old injuries from cycling and a motorcycle accident), and generally felt kinda stiff.  I probably would have been better off doing nightly stretching and foam rolling.....note for the future.

Side Note:  I also ordered some new shoes which arrived on Wednesday, a pair of NB 1500 v1.  Like my last pair of shoes, I ordered the women's version.  I like the 'B' width of women's shoes better than the 'D' width of men's shoes.  I wear size 11 in women's, so it's easier to find discounted prices on leftover shoes from the last model.  I was able to find the 1500 v1 at Runner's Warehouse for $45, then applied the usual website coupon, so my final price was $40....not bad.  This time I've decided to leave the pink laces and be proud.  Three runs so far in them and I like 'em.  I wouldn't normally wear shoes with pronation support, but the reviews I read said it didn't get in the way, and so far I don't notice it at all.

My shoe rotation is now NB 1500 v1 for longer runs; Saucony Fastwitch (men's), which I really don't like very much (stiff sole) which I use on short easy runs.  I won't buy these again, but they don't hurt, so I'll wear em until they wear out.  I have Asics HyperSpeed 6 (women's) for uptempo runs and races longer than 5k.  I use my NB RC5000's for 5k races and track workouts.

This week I also put together a training plan, based on Jason Fitzgerald's plans at Strength Running, for a 20k race on August 21.  It will be my first race longer than 10k.  This week and next week are recovery and easy runs, then I start the training proper, the week after.
Total miles:  15
Long Run:  7
Weight:  ? - but probably a couple lbs up

Daily workouts:

Friday - 5 miles easy on the local W&OD trail.  Ended up with a 7:50 pace, about where I normally end up on easy days.  A lot of warm-up prior doing dynamic stretching and the lunge matrix, and man I was stiff and just flat for the first few miles.  I started feeling better toward the end, but never good.   Dynamic stretching cool down and foam rolling.  Upper body usual exercises including dips, pull ups, low pulley cable rows, and dumb bell bench press.  I would normally do upper body work after a hard run, but since I don't have any hard runs this week I fit it in here.

Saturday - 3 miles easy around the house.  No watch (which I do every now and then to avoid trying to run to a certain pace).   Core work, dynamic stretching and foam rolling. Feeling better than yesterday, but still not great.

Sunday - 7 miles on hilly roads around my house.  7:40 pace.  Feel pretty good.  Nice to have a longer run, and my legs are feeling better than Friday.  ITB rehab routine + single leg squats + single leg dead lifts.  Foam rolling, hip mobility.

And....since all runners like shoes, pic below of my current rotation....

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