Sunday, May 15, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending May 15

Well, it's finally here.  The last week of my training plan.  Week 20 of 20.

This week is a lot lower mileage and only short bursts of speed work as I prepare for a 10k on Sunday.

I came into this week not feeling too strong.  After a race the prior Saturday (April 30) and a really hard workout on Wednesday (May 4) I kind of limped in the rest of the week.  Sunday's long run of last week was underwelming.  But, as I mentioned, this week is lower volume and intensity heading into the race, so I'm thinking that will get the pep back in my legs.

My focus this week is rest and recovery.

Total mileage: 25
Long Run:  N/A
Weight:  139

Daily workouts below:

NOTE:  All the "speed work" this week is at 5k pace, even tho my race is a 10k.  It's not what I would have done, if I would have written my own plan.  The idea is that it makes the 10k pace "feel" easier....

Monday: off.  Resting up, foam rolling, dynamic stretching.

Tuesday:  3 miles easy + 4 strides.  Feeling better.  Legs finally feel recovered from last week and prior race.  Overall 8:00 pace.  Core work.  Foam rolling. Hip mobility and dynamic stretching.

Wednesday: 6 miles with 6 x 400 @ 5k pace.  Not bad, on the treadmill @ 1% incline.  Did the 5k repeats at 5:55 pace.  Legs are feeling better, hips / butt feel tight.  Extra foam rolling and static stretching at the end of the workout.  Light upper body work and hip mobility.

Thursday: No running.  Foam rolling, dynamic and static stretching.  Rear hip / lower back really tight.

Friday: 5 miles with 4 x 30 seconds @ 5k pace.  Treadmill at work.  Feelin pretty good.  Foam rolling and stretching

Saturday: 3 miles easy + 4 strides.  Ran in DC along the Potomac.  My son had a "dragon boat" thing so I ran along the river while he was rowing.  The run felt good, I feel ready for my race tomorrow.  I probably spent more time on my feet than I should have....but "kids wha'cha gonna do".....

Sunday:  2 mi warm-up + 4 strides + 10k race.  Race time: 39:57 in 20-30 MPH winds and total race distance of 6.3 miles.  8.3 miles total.  Full race report at 'Loudoun Lyme 10k" race report.

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