Sunday, May 8, 2016

Confession: I (Sometimes) Wear Women's Shoes

Thought the title might catch your eye.

Yes, this is still a running blog, nothing too salacious here.  Just passing along something I've figured about running shoes and how they fit me.

I have pretty narrow feet.  Narrow heel, and pretty narrow in the "toe box" area with a high arch.  It seems all men's shoes come in a "D" width, and even tho most shoe manuf say the shoes come in multiple widths, only "D" is available online.  NB seems to work well for me in the "normal" width, but Asics and Saucony are too wide and I have to crank on the laces to keep my feet from sliding. 

I really like the Asics HuperSpeed6, so when my men's size 9 in D width wore out, I ordered a women's size 10 1/2 in B width.  I took the chance when I saw them online for about half price (since the HuperSpeed 7's have come out).

I've run in them a few times now, and the fit is great!  They feel comfortable, fast, and not too tight.  I 'm thinking of trying Saucony Kinvara next....

From what I can tell, the only difference between men's and women's shoes is the color options.  Funny how I have no problem wearing a pink shirt or tie, but pink shoes throw me off.  Luckily, it looks like a shade of blue is usually available. 

So....just passing along shoes options for men with narrow feet or women who might want more room.....

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