Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring 2016 "Season" Summary


This Spring was the first time I've actually followed a real training plan (provided by Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running).  I pretty faithfully followed the plan, including the strength work, hip mobility stuff, etc.

Last year I ran four 5k's, with a PB of 19:11 in September on a perfectly flat course a the local airport.  Really, a course couldn't be any flatter.  In fact, I bet that course is probably as fast, or faster, than a track,  you're running on concrete instead of getting the nice bounce of a good track, but there's also really nice gradual turns unlike a track.....

The month after my 5k PB I hurt my ITB training for a 10k.  Looking back, I can see now I was doing WAY too much track/speed work, not enough easy miles, and not doing any strength work to avoid injury.  So, after taking about 6 weeks off to let my ITB heal, I started a 20 week plan prepared by Jason that is geared toward a 10k goal race.

2016 Changes in training

  • Weekly Mileage: 
    •  Last year my weekly mileage was in the high 20's, maybe up to 30 miles per week.  I didn't have a consistent increase in mileage...more static.
    • This year my weekly mileage topped out in the high 40's per week.  I had a plan to increase mileage, and pretty much followed it.  My plan had a few weeks at 51 miles, but in each case I fell short for various reasons...
  • Speed Work:
    • Last year most of my speed work was geared around fast intervals, such as 4 x 1200 @ 5k pace.  Very little at faster or slightly slower pace (no tempo runs, 10k pace work, 3k pace work, etc).
    • This year I progressed from Steady State pace, to "Real" Tempo runs, later had some 3k pace work and even mile pace short intervals.  Of course, a number of workouts at 5k and 10k pace.  But, in each case they were not as "all out" as last year. 
  • Long Run:
    • Last year my long run topped out around 8 miles.  I think I might have done 10 miles once.
    • This year my long runs started at 10 miles and topped out at 16.  Never thought last year I would spend almost two hours running in one session...this year I ran 16 miles in 1:58. 
  • Injury Prevention:
    • Last year - none really.  I did some foam rolling and static stretching, but no real philosophy.
    • This year I have prevention work planned 4-5 days a week.  Core work, ITB work, hip mobility, hip strength, upper body strength, etc.

2016 Goals

My goals for this year:
  • Stay healthy
  • Improve pacing
  • 5k in 18:36
  • 10k in 39:30
Results from Spring "Season"
  • No injury so far.  Good.
    • The ancillary work, ITB rehab routine, and strength training are working.
    • Plus, just plain less all out track workouts...
    • A couple times I would get a twinge in an ITB or hamstring - I would immediately cut the workout short or slow down, and do the extra work to make sure it doesn't become an injury.
  • Pacing.  Mixed results
    • Getting there.....
    • Still slightly positive splits, but I'm getting better at pacing "by feel"

  • 5k in March 2016 - week 12 of my plan:  18:41.  short by 5 seconds.
    • Just short of my 2016 goal.
    • My pacing was terrible, the last mile was the slowest by 20 seconds.
    • 31 second PB on a hilly course.....
    • I will target the Dulles Airport 5k in the Fall this year to reach my 2016 goal.
  • 10k in May 2016 - time of:  39:57.  Missed my goal by 27 seconds.
    • My one 10k race this year was in heavy winds (20 - 30 MPH), and a little long (6.3 miles).
    • I will race another 10k in the Fall to see if I can get to my goal in better conditions.
Rest of 2016

As of right now I have three "goal" races for the rest of 2016.

  • Leesburg 20k on August 21.
    • Last year I ran the 5k route for this race.
    • This year I will take the plunge and go for the longer race.
    • Training begins May 30...two weeks after my 10k race.
    • Goal time:  1:24:00.  6:45/mile pace.
  • Dulles Airport 5k in mid - September.
    • Perfectly flat and fast course...set my 2015 PB here.
    • Goal time:  18:30
    • I think I can take 10 seconds off my PB, which was set on a hilly course and my pacing sucked.
  • Run the Parks 10k in DC in late November
    • New course for me.  Should be fun.
    • Goal time:  39:15 - 39:30
    • This is a 10k only race, so I can avoid the problems I had with my Spring 10k race (see Race Report "Loudoun Lyme 10k" post).

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