Sunday, March 13, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending March 13

Week 12 of my 20 week training plan that ends in a 10k goal race (Jason Fitzgerald @ Strength Running provided my training plan).

This week is my first race as a build up to my goal race.  This is the first time I've ever had a "non-goal" race, I raced four 5k's last year, my first year racing...and each one was an all-out effort for a PR.  And, since I was new to running, each race was faster.  Don't we all LOVE it when we first start something and it's so easy to get better!

Then, after my PR of 19:12 in September last year....while training for a 10k...I overdid it and hurt my IT Band.  And, I was down for the count.  So, my first race in seven months...and NOT being a goal race and in Week 12 of a 20 week plan...left me less than fully confident of how I would do.  I've also been doing A LOT less 5k pace work this Spring than I did last year...for good reason....but....again not providing any extra confidence in my current ability.

On the other hand, mileage is up (44 mi last week vs 30 mi highest volume last year), my long runs are longer (14 mi vs 8 mi), and I'm doing "real" tempo runs for the first time....all good things...I think... for faster races.

In preparation for the race on Saturday, this is a "reduced volume" week to give my legs some pep for the big event.  My last "speed work" was on Wednesday, with no running on Thursday, and only a "shake out" - very light run on Friday.  Happily, this is pretty close to what I would have done when I was making my own training it felt familiar.

I posted a separate "Race Report" yesterday titled "Lucky Leprechaun 5k" with all the gory details......please take a look!

Weekly mileage: 28  (cut back for the race)
Weight:  139 - 140
Long run:  No long run this week....last week was 14.

The weather turned warm this week...nice!  I was able to run before work - outside - in one layer.  Felt good.  Soon I'm sure I will complain it's too hot.  But right now....great!

Daily detail:

Monday: off.  I was actually quite happy to have this day off after 14 miles yesterday.  I didn't do ANYTHING running related.

Tuesday: 4 mi. easy + 4 strides.  I ran this on the W&OD in Herndon.  The first part of the run I felt really sluggish, and my legs felt heavy.  But, by the end, I was feeling pretty good...overall 8:00 pace.  Core work + dynamic stretching and cool down.

Wednesday:  On the treadmill since I couldn't get to the track.  The plan was 7 miles with 8 x 2' @ 10k pace in the middle.  Since I was feeling a little "insecure" about my 5k pace for the weekend, I did 4 x 2' @ 10k pace (6:15), then 4 x 2' @ 5k pace (6:00), all at 1% incline.  For the speed work I put on my NB RC5000 shoes....first time I've had them on since last September.  Man...I do like running fast in light shoes!  The workout felt good, and helped me "feel" 5k pace and effort.  Dynamic stretching and hip mobility work.

Thursday: - off.  Stretching, rolling, trying to keep the energy and expectation of the race on Saturday down.  Just keep myself busy.

Friday:  3 mi EASY on W&OD...about 8:15 pace.

Saturday:  RACE DAY - PR of 18:41! 31 seconds faster than my last PR.  About 6:00 pace, which I'm really happy about (my watch said I ran 3.12 miles).
2.5 mi warm-up easy pace, dynamic stretching, 4 strides...and line up.  3 mi easy after the race.  A lot of dynamic stretching and foam rolling.

Sunday:  5.3 mi easy around the house @ 8:15 pace.  Focus was to enjoy the run and be outside. Dynamic warm-up and cool down.   Still on a bit of a high from yesterday's PR.  Don't feel that bad...being the day after the race.

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