Sunday, March 27, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending 3/27

Happy Easter Everyone!  I hope the Bunny came by your house and you got at least one of the things you wanted.

And...for those hard core runners out there...did you still do your Sunday long run on Easter?  Sunday is my long run day, I still did my 15 miles.  It's easier for me than most, because my kids are teenagers, so they don't usually "appear" on the weekends until about 11 me plenty of time to run for 2 hours and not miss any "family time".  My wife is also REALLY supportive, even tho she's not a runner.  We've been married 18 years, so she probably appreciates the "alone time" when I'm out running as much as I do.

So, this is week 13 of my 20 week training plan built by Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running.

This week is basically the same work as last week.  Jason likes to sort of "establish" an increase is mileage or intensity and then repeat it for a second week before upping it again.  This has been working for me so far, I seem to be getting good results.  And...with my injury history it's a good idea to be more conservative.

This is different from last week though, because this week I'm on VACATION, and no big plans, and better weather.  So...all my runs are outside and I did my tempo and 10k pace work on the local high school track (since school is closed, the track is available).  And, I like running on the track,  it's easy for me to learn how to pace (and a lot of learning I have to do still), and gives me a "level set" of where my fitness is since there's no variables (like hills), and it's "real" effort vs. the treadmill which I don't always "trust" for requiring the same effort as the road.  Plus, all the extra rest and sleep that only vacation can bring.

I really feel like my fitness is coming together, and I've decided to slightly increase my "tempo", and "10k" pace to match the increase I put in place last week for my "5k" pace.

Weekly Mileage:  46
Long Run: 15
Weight:  ?  (I weigh myself at the scale at my work gym...and NO work this week!)

Daily training:

  • Monday: 4 miles EASY.  Hurtin from yesterday's long run (which was quite difficult).  Dynamic warm-up, hip mobility, foam rolling.
  • Tuesday:  6 miles + 4 strides.  Pace about 7:55-8:00.  Feelin more recovered.  Skipped my core work, I have a slight "pull" or something in my lower left abdomen area, not sure what I did, but it's not right, and I want it to settle down.  Not bothering my running.  Foam rolling, dynamic stretching.
  • Wednesday: 10 miles with 3 mile tempo + 6 x 2:00 @ 10k pace.  Did the speed work on the track.  Prior to this week I would have said my tempo pace is 6:35, so I tried it a little faster, I ended up running the 3 miles on the track in 19:38....6:32 pace...and it felt about right.  I tried to run each 400 in 1:34, and for the most part I got pretty close, but a few laps were off pretty I gotta practice at pacing.  I planned each 10k interval @ 6:15 pace, which is 1:34 per 400; 2:00 took me to just about 500m, then I'd jog about 300m in 2:00, and do it again.  I was within :02 +/- for each interval, so that was pretty good.  Feel good about today's workout.  ITB rehab routine, singe leg dead lift, upper body strength, foam rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday:  off
  • Friday: 8 miles with 8 x 200 @ 5k pace.  W&OD trail.  Did the 200's starting at mile 3 (ending at mile 5), at 5k "effort" as I don't trust my watch to be that exact on pacing over 200m.  This is probably good as it required me to "feel" the pace, something I really suck at doing.  Overall pace @ 7:45.  Core work, hip mobility, dynamic stretching.
  • Saturday: 3 miles easy on farm roads around house.  8:25 pace, really easy.  Dynamic stretching and foam rolling.  Just out enjoying the nice day.
  • Sunday:  15 miles on C&O canal towpath.  Overall pace @ 7:35.  Much easier this week than last, still suffering some after about mile 12.  Dynamic stretching, upper body strength, ITB rehab + Single Leg Dead lift).

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