Sunday, March 20, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending March 20

Week 12 of my 20 week plan.

I'm re-energized with my good result in last weekend's 5k (18:41 - a 31second PR!) - shout out to Jason Fitzgerald and my team at Strength Running for the plan and support.

It's taken a lot of patience for me to stick to the plan in the first 12 weeks - with long and tempo runs, and not a lot of "speed work" / intervals.  But, based on last weeks' race results, it's working!  I only ran at 5k pace twice in the last 12 weeks, and never more than 2 minutes at a time.  And still, a big PR.  So...I've changed my mind about how to train for a 5k.  If left to my own resources (or lack thereof), I tend to run full blown interval sessions of 4 x 1200 hard every week.  That worked for me last year to get to a 19:12 5k (on a much easier course than last week), and injury.  I should remind everyone, I'll be 49 years old in a few months, which was considered when Jason created this plan for me.

On to this week:  Last Saturday night (or is it Sunday morning), we adjusted our clocks to  "Daylight Savings Time", and it kinda' sucks.  It's not so much the lost hour on Saturday night, but feeling like I'm waking up too early when the alarm goes for my pre-work runs (between 5:00 and 5:30 depending on how long my workout is for the day). it's dark again for my morning runs....just when it started to be light for the start of my run...damn it.  The "darkness" is a thing for me, and I tend to hit the treadmill more than if it is light out.  But, I'm still doing it, and not letting is set me back...and in a couple of weeks the change will be forgotten, and I'll be happy it's light so late at night.

Mileage is up this week, with a 15 mile long run, and two...count em...TWO days with at least some kind of speed element (Wednesday and Friday).  The second day of speed work took some pep out of my legs for Sunday's long I slowed the pace some, but did the miles.

This week also felt like I'm "ramping up" the effort.  Especially coming off a race last Saturday.  I'm going to be super vigilant of any over-training or ailments/twinges.  I feel this is the part of the program where I could get injured if I'm not paying attention.

Total Mileage:  46
Long Run:  15 (on the road, since Saturday/Sunday was rainy/snowy)
Weight:  139 - 140 (5' 10")

Daily workouts:

  • Monday -  4 miles on the treadmill @ 8:00 pace.  Legs a little spongy still from Saturday's race.  But not bad.  Dynamic stretching, hip mobility.  (Raining outside, so inside I go!)
  • Tuesday - 6 miles @ 7:50 pace + 4 strides on the treadmill.  Core work.  Dynamic stretching and foam rolling.
  •  Wednesday - 10 miles on the treadmill with mile 3-5 @  tempo (6:35 pace) + 6 x 2' @ 10k pace (6:15 pace) with 2' jog (10:00 pace) in between. This workout actually didn't feel too bad, and I used 1% incline for the faster work.  Funny, after running a 5k a few days ago, 6:35 and 6:15 pace don't really "feel" fast....all perception I guess.  ITB rehab work, upper body strength (cable rows, pull up, chest press machine, dips), single leg squat (body weight), single leg deadlift with 20lb. dumbbell.
  • Thursday - Off.  Foam rolling and stretching.
  • Friday -  Plan:  8 miles with 8 x 200 @ 5k pace with 200 jog between. Actual:  I ran on the treadmill again today, even tho the weather was not that bad.  I just didn't want to do this workout in the dark.  Since my last 5k race was completed at 6:00 pace on a pretty hilly course, I'm "assuming" my 5k training pace is 5:55....I know, big assumption, but there it is.  So, today I did 3 miles at 8:00 pace, then did 8 repeats of 45 seconds at 5:55 pace, followed by 45 seconds at 10:00 pace - all at 1% incline.  This means I did a little more than 200 meters for the 5k pace work, and a lot less than 200 for the recovery portion.  But, I felt pretty good and don't think I was working too hard.  So, all is good, right?  Ended with another 3 miles @ 8:00 pace.  The treadmill turned itself off at one hour, so that's when I stopped.  Total mileage = 7.6.  Dynamic stretching and hip mobility/strength exercises.
  •  Saturday - 3 miles EASY around neighborhood + 4 strides.  No watch (nice).  Core work, dynamic stretching, hip mobility/strength. 
  •  Sunday - 15 miles on W&OD in Leesburg @ 7:35 pace.  My legs were not feeling as fresh on Sunday as prior weeks, I'm thinking because of the speed work on Friday, but it could be the race last week or just the higher overall mileage.  And...the last couple of miles were a real bear, I had to hunker down and focus to get thru it.  ITB Rehab routine + single leg dead lift and single leg squats. Lotsa foam rolling, stretching, and whining.  Followed by,  and "deep couch sitting".

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