Monday, July 17, 2017

Running Log: Week Ending July 16

Hello Runners!

Transition week 2 as I change gears from shorter races to starting marathon training next week.  Not a lot to mention this week, pretty boring.

3 days in Toronto (work trip) - and a busy one at that.  Gonna be challenging to find the time to get some running in Monday - Wednesday.

Monday - Treadmill Running - the hotel "Fitness Center" consisted to two treadmills, one stepper and couple dumb bells.  No floor space.  No music.  No air.  Good view from 11th floor and a golf putting area just outside on the roof.  I pulled the yoga mats from the "gym" onto the putting area and did my dynamic stretching and myrtle work out there.  I was the only one in the "fitness center" and there was LITERALLY no space to even open the yoga mat inside.  Extra credit for effort and creativity?

Tuesday - STUPID 18 hour day running.  It happens.

Wednesday - got in a good MLR with 2 miles at tempo on the Toronto water front.  12.4 miles total.  Really nice run.  Reminded me of being back home on LA coast, sort of.  Nice break from the humidity of DC.

Pic below from dinner Tuesday night at a restaurant that's 1200 feet up and does a full rotation every 72 minutes...

Saturday Long Run - building the mileage back up some....15 miles.  Getting ready for marathon training, starting next week.


Weekly Mileage: 47
Long Run: 15
Weight: Dunno

Daily Work: (Legs swings / Lunge Matrix before every run.  Foam rolling / dynamic stretch after)
  • Monday:  Early flight to Toronto.  6 mile "sweatfest" on hotel TM.  Does the 11th floor of the hotel in Toronto count at "altitude" training?  First time on a TM in a long time - reminds me I don't like it.
  • Tuesday: OFF.  Work sucks.
  • Wednesday:  12.4 MLR on Toronto waterfront.  Avg 7:35 pace with 2 miles at tempo.  Flight back to DC in the afternoon.  Myrtle, and extra rolling and stretching.
  • Thursday: 6 miles easy.  Core/recovery
  • Friday: 8 miles easy
  • Saturday:  15 miles on C and O.  Avg 7:29 pace, evenly paced.  Strength / core.
  • Sunday:  OFF.  Head cold.  Rest and lotsa sleep.
NO travel next week.  Whoo hoo!  First time in over a month!


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  1. Nice week. I love that Toronto Waterfront path. It was good you were able to escape the treadmill and get out. I'll bet the temps were cooler there too.