Sunday, July 9, 2017

Running Log - Week Ending July 9 (5k Race on July 4)

Hello Runners!  Well...July is here, full "steam" ahead (terrible pun intended).

This week includes my last Summer "short" race, and transition to start marathon training in a couple weeks.  So, after the 5k on July 4, cutting back and taking it easy a few days, with a Long Run on Saturday to see if I can remember how to do that...
  •  5k Race (separate report):  18:50 on slightly hilly course in hot / humid conditions.  Feel good about it.
  • Long Run:  14 miles (was planning up 15, but after 14 I was done).  Last mile @ MP.  Feels good to get out on the C and O and put in some miles (love the C and O).  My first "transition" run to longer races this Fall.

Stupid / terrible work travel mid-week which screwed up my sleeping....and messed with 3 days of running....shit happens.  Luckily, this was right after the 5k timing wasn't bad.

Psychology: Interesting note about me, now that I've completed my shorter races this Spring / Summer, my next goal race is a marathon in November.  With this "transition" I'm enjoying my running more.  I'm less focused on exactly how I feel every day, don't have specific workout paces, etc.  I'd like to remember how this couple of weeks feel, so I can enjoy my marathon build-up more.  Really, just "note to self" to stop taking myself so seriously.

Pro Tip: A couple times now, in my shorter Summer races, I've modified the "water station" to the "splash station".  When it's hot, but I don't need water to drink - as I approach the water station I point to my chest and say "Right here!"  Most of the folks at the water station (especially the kids) are more than happy to splash me with the water in the cup their holding.  Caution: if you try this, be prepared get hit with water on all parts of your body and possibly face at near point blank range from 3-4 people.  It does cool me off, and get me completely soaked.  I plan to continue this practice.


Weekly Mileage: 37
Long Run: 14
Weight: Dunno

Daily Work: (Legs swings / Lunge Matrix before every run.  Foam rolling / dynamic stretch after)
  • Monday:  4 miles easy with strides in prep for 5k tomorrow.
  • Tuesday: Firecracker 5k in Reston Town Center.  18:50.  Full race report published separately.  6 miles total with wu and cd.
  • Wednesday:  OFF.  Work travel to Dallas and back to DC.  20 hour day.
  • Thursday: OFF.  Back to work on almost no sleep.  :(
  • Friday: 60' E.  7.3 miles.  Lotsa rolling and dynamic stretching.  Feeling okay.  Need SLEEP.
  • Saturday:  14 miles on C and O, last 1 @ MP.  Overall 7:25 pace.  ITB/Strength work.
  • Sunday:  5.2 mile recovery run.  Core / Hip work.
 Next week's work travel is Toronto.  We'll see how much that impacts running....

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