Sunday, September 18, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Sept 18 (5k Race)

The highlight of this week is the Dulles Airport 5k on Saturday.

(Race report posted yesterday titled "Dulles Airport 5k" under Label Race Report.)

This week was a "taper" week and busy week at work....which actually ended up being a nice combination, as the extra time at work didn't hurt my training and as much as if it was a full training week.

Going into this week, I was feeling pretty good as I had a couple good 5k specific workouts, and overall feeling like I'm in pretty fit.  The weather is also supposed to cool down some, which always's been really hot in the DC area for most of August, and got hot again last week.

Tuesday's workout:  On the treadmill in cool A/C.  I had planned 6 x 2:00 @ goal 5k pace (5:56/mi with 2:00 recovery in between.  After 4 reps I was feelin really good, so I changed the last 2 reps to 1:30 @ 5:52/mi to see how that felt.  I was a little harder, but I was still completely under control.  In fact, I didn't have to focus on my breathing pattern or felt the effort was really hard.  Definitely a "confidence booster" workout.

Then, easy runs on Wed and Fri and Thur off.  There's something about taking off the 2nd day before a race, that helps me.  Don't know if there's any science behind it...could be all placebo, but it works for me!

The race yesterday was okay.  I finished in a time of 18:51 in warmer and more humid weather than I was hoping for.....(again, full report posted separately).

Weekly Mileage: 27
Long  Run: N/A
Weight: 141

Daily Detail: (Hard workouts bolded)

Monday:  OFF

Tuesday:  7 mi w/ 4 x 2:00 @ 5:56 /mi and then 2 x 1:30 @ 5:52 /mi on treadmill @ 1% incline. Recovery jog between each rep for the same amount of time as the rep itself.
Felt pretty good, stayed "on top" of the workout and not too much stress at all.  2 mi wu and 2 mi cd to get a total of 7 miles.  Light core work / upper body / hip mobility stuff.  Feel good about my chances in the race on Saturday.

Wednesday:  42 min easy / recovery run.  WOD in Herndon.   About 8:25 pace (4.9 miles).  Foam rolling and stretching.  Usual "day after a hard workout" run and feeling.

Thursday:  OFF.  Left ITB feeling a little irritated, just .  I had to stop running last year due to it.  I think the speed work on Tuesday was too much.  Looking back, I did 3 speed sessions in the last 11 days, two of them on the track.

Friday:  25 min easy with strides on treadmill.  3.1 mi.  Feeling ready for the race tomorrow, except my left ITB is a little irritated still.  Popping some OTC pain pills, and hoping for the best tomorrow.....

Saturday:  2 mi. wu + strides. 5k race in 18:51 (6:03 pace), 2 mi. cd.  7 mi total.  70F, dew point 64, 80% humidity.  GOOD  NEWS:  My ITB held up, hardly a peep out of it.  Missed my time goal...

Sunday:  46 min EASY/ recovery on roads around the house.  5.3 mi (8:40 pace).  Rolling and stretching.

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