Sunday, September 11, 2016

Training Log - 2nd week of September

The focus of this week is prepping for a 5k on Sept 17.

Last Sat I had a good workout of 4 x 1200 @ 5k pace.  So I decided my workout on Tuesday this week would be a tempo run and I'd do another 5k pace workout again Saturday.  But, I also want to be careful to not over-do it with really big efforts prior to the race (I overtrain easily).  I decided to run 400 repeats at slightly faster 5k pace, around 1:24/1:25...(about 3k pace based on McMillan) with 200m jog recovery. pacing is still not great.  I ended up doing the 400's in 1:18 - 1:21 range.  Try as I might to go thru the first 200 around :42, I kept hitting :39/:40 - and I didn't want to slow down for the last 200 - so I ended up in the 1:20 range each rep.  I had planned on doing 8 reps, but after 6 I could tell I'd had enuf and called it a day.   Last thing I want to do is bury myself 7 days before a race.  Dunno if I would have felt better, and done 2 more reps if I was able to stick to my planned 1:24/1:25 reps....but overall I feel good about the workout, especially since it was super hot and humid.

Weekly Mileage:  48
Long Run: N/A
Weight: 140

Daily workouts (harder workout bolded):

Monday (Memorial Day):   55 min easy run on CandO canal towpath.  REALLY enjoyed the run, the weather was great (about 60 degrees, low humidity).  And....NO WORK today!  Legs started out feeling a little iffy, but feeling pretty good toward the end of the run.  6.9 mi / 8:05 pace.  Core work.  Foam rolling and stretching.  Hip strength and mobility work.

Tuesday:  8 miles with 3.1 @ tempo.  Treadmill at work.  Tempo portion @ 6:30 pace and 1% incline.  2.5 warm up / 2.5 cool down.  Felt pretty good on this run, it did feel pretty hard toward the end (more than last week), but I chalked that up to the track workout on Saturday.  ITB rehab routine / single leg squats / single leg dead lifts / upper body strength / foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday:  40 min easy/recovery on WOD in Herndon.  The usual heavy legs after the hard effort yesterday.  Just got time on the feet to get the blood moving.  4.8 mi. / 8:25 pace.  Rolling and stretching.

Thursday:  71 min easy.   WOD in Herndon.  Back to hot and humid today (sucks).  Run was okay, but felt harder than an easy run should.  Rolling and dynamic stretching.  Hip mobility.  (9 mi / 7:55 pace)

Friday:  50 min easy.  WOD in Herndon.  Stupid hot and humid again.  Felt better than yesterday, but still not great.  6.3 mile / 7:55 pace.  Core work, added Russian twist and Hot Salsa at the end.

Saturday:  10 miles with 6 x 400 @ 1:18-1:21 w/200 jog recovery. 3 mi wu and 4 mi cd.  ITB rehab routine, foam rolling, and stretching.  Single leg squat.  But skipped dead lifts and upper body work since race is in 7 days.

Sunday:  30 min VERY EASY on farm roads around the house.  I planned to not run today, but due to my work schedule tomorrow, I have to take tomorrow off.  Not wanting to take 2 days in a row off, I decided to run a few minutes very easy to help flush out my legs from yesterday's workout.  3.4 mi / 8:45 pace.

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