Sunday, July 24, 2016

Training Log Week Ending July 24

I'm spending most of this week on vacation in Huntington Beach Calif (about 1 mi from the sand).  It's worked out that my runs have been more mid-day to early afternoon to fit in around the family stuff (fun in the sand and the ocean, walking around town, sightseeing, etc.)

I'm not really over the cold I had last week, but it's mostly down to just allergy / sinus symptoms.  I've decided to enjoy my runs this week and run each day based on how I feel.   Having FUN is my first priority on every run...

The weather has been great....sunny with the usual ocean breeze, nice and cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoons.

Weekly Mileage:  40.4
Long Run:  N/A (fail)
Weight:  ?  (Still on vacation)

Daily workouts:

Monday:  6.4 miles in a wetland reserve trail about 1/2 from the ocean on some cliffs.  Beautiful views, nice dirt trails, some single track,  Stopping every now then to watch the ocean, take in the sights, and soak it all in.  Total time: 55 minutes.

Tuesday: 3 miles in Huntington Beach harbor loosening up legs and seeing the sights.  25 minutes.

Wednesday:  9 miles from house to beach.....out and back at bike path on the beach....then back home.  Did 4 impromptu "up tempo" intervals along the beach.  I would speed up and draft on beach cruiser bikes as they went by at a slightly faster speed and keep up as long as I can without feeling like it was more than tempo effort.  It was pretty fun.  Interesting:  Doing this following a single guy or two guys - and they will speed up to drop me.  Catching onto a single woman - and she will speed up.  Two women, or a male / female couple - and they will generally maintain their pace.  Small sample size, but there it is.

Thursday:  4.2 miles around the harbor.  Nice easy run with great sights and nice ocean breeze.

Friday:  7.2 mi. in Bolsa Chica wetlands sanctuary.  Nice morning run before the rest of the family is up and about.  Some bird watching, ocean views, and sightseeing.  Easy and fun run.

Saturday:  4.6 mi.  Run down to beach, walk along the sand to say "Good bye" to the Pacific for this trip, then run back to the house.  Nice morning.  Travel back to DC this afternoon....sigh.

Sunday:  16 mi long run.  FAIL.  I had planned a long run today, but realized right away it wasn't going to happen.  Yesterday was a long travel day, and I didn't get home until 3 am local time.  I got about 6 hours sleep and headed out for my long run, but by then it was HOT.  "Feels like 104F" hot.  At 3 miles I was feeling like shit and way overheated.  So, I turned around and called it a day, finishing on 6 slow miles. I'll call it a "heat acclimation today" - as I'm back in the DC heat / humidity I haven't felt in almost two weeks.
Oh well - I think I made the right decision.  And, I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll get up early and see if I can get in a long run then.  Rest of today is doing NOTHING, so I can recuperate from the week and see if I can recover some for tomorrow's run.

I also did very little of my normal run related strength / stretching.  I'll get back to that starting next week.

This week was really active besides the runs - two rounds of golf, surfing, paddle boarding, lotsa walking, and generally out and about most of the week.  Back to work on Tuesday, and my "normal" routine.

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