Sunday, July 17, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending July 17

This week my legs are finally starting to feel "back to normal" after the races the prior two weeks.....and so of course, I caught a cold on a flight to LA......

This week I'm traveling to LA for vacation.  So, I get to do some running on the West Coast (talk about a long flight.... 5 1/2 hours from DC to LA, in coach with my two kids).

I'm staying at my parents house with my two kids and my brother and his two kids (all teenagers).  So, the challenge is to get out of the house and get my run done before everyone else is awake and wants to know "What are we going to do today?"  The time zone change is on my side (5:00 in LA feels like 8:00 am in DC) so getting up early is not as hard as trying not wake everyone else up.

The weather in LA is much easier for running than DC.  I'm staying by the beach, so temps are cooler and less humid.  New scenery and running routes helps too.  My parents are in a "55+" community, so there's lotsa old folks out walking early in the morning.  Every single one of them acknowledges me (a shirtless,  slightly younger guy, in shorts that are way "too short" running by early in the morning).  I get everything from "side eye" to hearty "Good morning!" along with one or two folks who want to know all about where I'm going.  My standard reply is "To the beach!" as I wave and keep on moving....once you stop you're gonna be there for 10 I don't generally stop.

Weekly Mileage:  20.4
Long Run: 8
Weight:  ?  (I'm on vacation!)

Daily workouts:

Monday:  38 minutes Easy / Recovery.  Shaking out the legs after 16 miles yesterday - on WOD in my standard weekly location.  Lotsa foam rolling, dynamic stretching, groaning and complaining (4.4 mi / 8:10 pace)

Tuesday: 70 minutes easy including 4 strides  (8 mi)

Wednesday:  Travel day.  No exercising, just cramped sitting....and getting sick.

Thursday:  In bed...sick.  This sucks.

Friday:  To the urgent antibiotics and other prescriptions...and back to bed.  Still sucks.

Saturday:  still sick.  still suckin....

Sunday:  Finally.  Running at the beach.  62 minutes easy.  still don't feel great, but got in 8 miles...which made me feel better!.

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