Sunday, July 10, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending July 10, 2016

This is a "transition" week of sorts for me.

Monday, I ran a July 4th 5k after running a half marathon the week before.  I'm using the rest of the week to recover / recuperate, and look ahead to my next race on August 21 (20k in my hometown of Leesburg, VA).  Separate post with label "Race Report".  Time of 19:15 with melt down in the last mile....

So, my "faster" workout this week, which is usually on Wednesday was moved to Thursday and not as intense as usual...and I still had to shut it down....just didn't have it.  Sunday was back to my Long Run schedule, doing 16 miles.  I feel like I have to be careful this week and watch for injury and / or overtraining.  My legs are pretty tired, and I don't think I recovered between the half and 5k, so I want to make sure I don't over do it, and run myself into the ground.

Total Mileage: 44
Long Run:  16
Weight:  141

Daily workout (bolded days are the harder work):

Monday:  6 miles total:  2 mile warm-up, 5k race, one mile cool down.  Foam rolling, stretching, eating EVERYTHING.

Tuesday:  OFF.  I need it. 

Wednesday:  50 minutes EASY including 2 strides (ended up with 6.3 miles, around 8:00 pace).  75F  and 100% humidity for 6:30 am run.  Nice.  Despite the conditions, first day I've felt okay since my half marathon 10 days ago.  Ran on WOD path in Herndon, never really stressing myself, just cruising along.  Upper body strength, core work, hip mobility stuff.  Foam rolling and dynamic stretching.

Thursday:  10 miles with 3 mi. at tempo.  Planned a 3 mile tempo today as part of the run....that didn't happen.  After about a mile I shut it down.  Still recovering from the 5k on Monday.  And today was really hot again, even at 7:00 was about 76F with 100% humidity.  I think I made the smart move to cut back on the Tempo.  Dynamic stretching, ITB rehab routine, single leg squat, single leg dead lift.  (1:17 total running time, 8:05 pace).

Friday:  35 minutes EASY.  Still feeling too tired and need the day off.  Rolling, stretching

Saturday: 42 minutes EASY.  Around the hood (5.2 mi; 8:00 pace) with a few strides.  Core work.  Rolling and stretching.  Really hot and humid.

Sunday:  16 mi. Long Run.  WOD path.  Overall pace 7:27 (1:59 overall time).  ITB work, upper body strength, Single Leg Squat.  Skipped single leg dead lift.  16 miles never feels easy, but I'm happy with the effort and pace.  Cooler weather and less humidity today....

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