Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly Running Log (How fast can I run?)

Hello Runners.

I'm off work this week (yay!)  I have a house full of relatives still staying with us (boo...sort of).  So, again this week finding the right opportunity to get out of the house for a run became the challenge.  I was successful (for the most part) staying close to my normal running schedule.

I'm going to a "street mile" race on Memorial Day (my first).  Since I've never run a race shorter than 5k before, I'm not really sure how fast I can run a mile, or my top speed for that matter.  Whenever I've run 400m repeats, etc., I've always focused on "5k pace" or something like that - never trying to see just how fast I can run.  So, as I approach 50 years old, I'm going to see just what I can go (hopefully without injury).

Side note:  Turns out I'm more disciplined getting my running done under "challenging", not normal routine, circumstances, than I am with an ancillary strength / mobility / stretching stuff.   And - I definitely dropped my normal diet and ate crap all week - feeling a little bloated, should get back to normal next week.

Wednesday's Workout

Wednesday's workout included 5 x 1' "fully throttle" with 1' rest.  Since I was on the roads, and I have no idea what "mile pace" feels like, I decided to just "run really fast" for 1' and take a 1' to recover.  If nothing else, I'm "teaching" myself how to run fast.  Well - this ensured in some hilarity, as I did the first two reps way too fast, so by the 4th rep my "jog" recovery, was turned into "side of the road bent over wheezing".  I took longer as needed so I could finish all 5 reps at a decent speed.  Learning....

Saturday At The Track
I don't do track workouts very often.  I don't race on the track, and in the past I tended to get minor injuries after a hard track workout.  But, trying to figure out my mile potential, I think, requires a track workout.

I found a workout from Jay Johnson (Simple Marathon Training) for a "1600 runner" that sounded pretty good so I thought I'd give it a try.  The workout is two sets of  "5 x (300m @ mile pace / 200m jog recovery), with 5' rest between each set".  (For the first set, the last rep can be a little faster.  for the 2nd set, the last 2 reps can be a little faster).  McMillan says that based on a 18:30 5k time, I should be able to run a mile in 5:20.  That means each 300m repeat should be completed in 1:00 (which makes for easy calculations on the fly: 20 seconds per 100m).

I did a warm up of a little over 3 miles and a couple of strides to get ready.  Put on my NB RC5000's, hit my watch and was off.  The first set went well.   I was able to hit my 1:00 target for each of the 5 reps (5:20 pace) making sure I covered the 200 rest in 1:00 as well, but I wasn't able to significantly speed up the last rep.

The 2nd set started out okay, but after 3 reps I realized I could not hold the pace for the last 2 reps, and I called it quits.  I might have been able to push really hard to get the last 2 reps close to the target 1:00, but it would have been close to race effort and I didn't want to go there with this workout.

Good news - I learned what mile pace feels like, and I "think" I can hold it for a full mile next week with some taper and race "juice"

Weekly Mileage: 42
Long Run:  N/A
Weight: ?

  Daily Work:
  • Monday:  8 miles easy around house (constant rolling hills).  Rolling and stretching. 
  • Tuesday: 5.3 miles AFTER a round of golf, coupla beers, and a big greasy lunch.  Nice.
  • Wednesday:  7.8 miles with 5 x 1' @ mile (or faster) pace.
  • Thursday: 5 miles easy.  Pretty flat. 
  • Friday:  8 miles on rolling hills.   Core work.   Rolling stretching.    
  • Saturday:  Track workout: 2 sets of 5 x 300m in 1' / 200m in 1' recovery.  Couldn't finish the 2nd set.   8 miles total incl with and cd.  Strength work.   Rolling stretching.    
  • Sunday:  2 mi walk.   Hip mobility


  1. Good work! Sorry about all the intrusive relatives - however you've displayed great self control, especially during the power outages!
    Good luck in your next race!!
    Lucky Wife

    1. Lucky wife. Lucky life (or something like that). Next race...Loudoun Street Mile!