Sunday, May 14, 2017

Weekly Running Log - 5/14/17

Hello Runners! Happy Mudda's Day to all you Mudda's out there!  (Pets count)

We had a big family event this week, so my biggest running "challenge" is sneaking out of the house for my runs without getting "caught" by one of the relatives asking questions - where am i going?  You're wearing THOSE shorts?.  Can I go with you?  Hey, take your cousin!  Easiest way out is saying "Doing 10 miles at a fast pace" (they have no idea what fast pace is, but it sounds hard.  And 10 miles is really far for any of these folks), so that gets me out of taking anyone along and suffering thru VERY slow pace and coming back early.

So, maneuvering thru the family is the hard part.  NOT going to work, the easy part.  Balances out I think (well...maybe not).

This week is recovering from the 10k last weekend the first part of the week and trying to get some fast fartleks the 2nd half of the week - as I'm planning on running a 1-mile race at the end of the month.  Also - getting over the cold from last week, for the most part.  Yeehah!


Weekly Mileage: 49
Long Run:  N/A
  Daily Work:
  • Monday:  53' E on WOD w/strides.  6.7 miles.  Rolling and stretching.  Core work. Nice weather!
  • Tuesday: 59' on WOD.  Around 7:30 pace.  Finally over my cold(?)  Yay me.  ITB / strength work.
  • Wednesday:  60' on hilly route around the house.   8 mi.   Hip mobility
  • Thursday: 46' E.  5.9 mi
  • Friday: 55' E.  7.1 mi.   Small hills
  • Saturday:  13.3 mi on WOD.   Last couple mi around 6:00 pace.  Overall 7:15 pace.  Strength / ITB
  • Sunday:  2 mi walk.   Hip mobility

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