Saturday, November 5, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending Nov 5 (HM Race)

The exciting part of this week is the Half Marathon I ran today in Winchester, VA.

It's called the Battlefield HM as it is run mostly on the Kernstown Civil War Battlefield site.  I finished in a time of 1:25:41!  A 4 minute PR.  Full race report titled "Battlefield HM" in "Race Report" label.

This week is mostly short easy runs with one workout on Tuesday to get ready for the Saturday race.

I've also had a "sore" Achilles tendon and left calf on my left leg since last week.  For every run it's stiff and kinda hurts for the first mile, then calms down.  So..I've been extra careful on my efforts this week leading up to the race to make sure I can compete without injury.  Any injury below the knee is new for me....I think I did it by running in some old shoes with less drop (maybe cause they're worn out).  Popping some OTC pain killer twice a day.  Probably not making the injury go away, but it hurts less.  Anyway...made it to the race.  I'll need to keep tabs on it going forwards.

Tuesday's workout:  On the treadmill so I can accurately "feel" the HM pace (I'm sure this is more psychological than physical, but it is reassuring for me).  Did a total of 7 miles with 6 x 2' intervals @ HM down to 10k pace; with 2' jog recovery.  All @ 1% incline.  Feel pretty good about the workout.  Last Saturday's Long Run was only 11 miles with 3.5 @ HM pace - much less than prior weeks, so I should be feeling relatively "fresh".

Not much else to report - except that I worked on keeping the easy days - EASY.  I sometimes can pick up the pace some when I'm feeling good - almost to the point of an easy run becoming a small workout.  Tried really hard not to do that, this week.

  • Weekly Mileage:  36 (Including 14 on HM race day).
  • Long Run:  14 (13.1 of which was racing).
  • Weight: 138
Daily work:

Monday:  46 minutes easy on WOD.  5.8 miles (7:55 pace) including 4 strides and some light core work.  Stretching. Rolling.   Extra work on Achilles.

Tuesday: 7 miles on treadmill with 6 x 2' @ HM down to 10k effort (6:40/6:35/6:28/6:22/6:15/6:08)with 2' jogging recovery.  Stretching, rolling.

Wednesday: 41 minutes easy on WOD trail.  5.2 miles (7:50 pace).  Stretching.  Rolling.  Extra work on Achilles - seems to be holding up.

Thursday:  OFF (customary off 2nd day before a race).  Leg swings / etc.

Friday:  30 minutes easy with 4 strides (3.9 mi).  Took the day off work so I can catch up on a few things around the house and sleep in, etc.  Long drive to race tomorrow and early alarm.

Saturday:  14 miles w / 13.1 @ HM effort + 1 wu.  1:25:41!!

Sunday and all of next week - OFF.  Time for a break, rejuvenate, heal up some.  Then, start a marathon build up for the RNR DC on March 11, 2017.

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