Monday, November 21, 2016

Training Log - Week Ending 11/20/16 (Chiropractor Visits)

So....I took last week off running completely.  Wasn't easy - but I did it (you other running "addicts" know what I mean).

As I started back this week my left calf was still hurting and my left Achilles was kind of bothering me.  It has been getting better, even with a week off, so I bit the bullet and went to a sports chiro on Wednesday and Friday.  He did a deep tissue massage thing and ART, then about 10 minutes on STIM.   Friday he also did some work on my left hamstring.

So, the result?  Well, the treatments hurt, like REALLY hurt like HELL.  But, I have been getting some good relief, and think I'm on the way to getting better.  I go a few times next week, then we'll re-evaluate.  While I'm there he also does a 'back adjustment", and I gotta say my hips and lower back also feel "less tight".  He said it's most likely that my ITB and hamstring got, and that caused a problem for calf.  My tight calf then "pulled" on my Achilles, making it sore.  Talk about "kinetic chain"!

I'm also trying out the whole Phil Wharton active isolation rope stretching (AIS) thing too to see if it will help avoid injury.  I was instructed to NOT do the calf exercised until I can get injury under control.  There's a 40 minute workout, 20 min workout, and a couple shorter videos that focus on only lower leg / feet and some active release moves.  I do the 20 min workout every couple of days, and extend to the longer workout when I have the extra time.  Interestingly....I've been doing some hip work from a prior ITB injury, and the Wharton stuff for the hips feels very's not THAT different. 

As always, I'm also doing dynamic warm-up before every run - and starting out each run with a walk or very slow jog before getting up to speed.

I'm finalizing my marathon training plan this week.  I have a co-worker who will be doing the RNR DC with me, and he has a similar time goal.  So, maybe we'll be able to do some workouts together.  I think it will be especially helpful on the Long Runs to have someone to motivate me.  My longest run ever is 17 miles, and it looks like this plan is going to have many 18 milers, a few 20 milers, and a 22 miler in it....all new territory for me.

This week's training is pretty boring...ALL easy runs as I get back into it (daily work below). 10 miles on Saturday on the CandO was really nice and (almost) pain free.

Total Miles:  40
Long Run:  10
Wt:  ?

Daily work:

Monday: 40 minutes easy on treadmill at work.  About 5 miles.  Core work.   AIS.

Tuesday: 50 minutes easy on treadmill at work.  About 6.2 miles.  ITB / Overall strength  / AIS for lower leg and foot.

Wednesday: 45 minutes easy on WOD in Herndon (it's getting kinda cold....feels like winter).  Hip mobility / AIS / foam rolling.  CHIRO visit.  5.8 mi.

Thursday:  60 minutes easy.  8 miles on WOD.  (7:35 pace)

Friday:  42 minutes easy.  5.4 miles on WOD.  Core work.  CHIRO visit

Saturday:  10 miles on CandO canal towpath.  Ran the last couple a little faster than Easy.  Overall pace 7:25, with about 7:10-7:10 pace at the end.  Overall strength work, ITB work.

Sunday:  Completely off.

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