Thursday, December 31, 2015

Training Log - Week Ending 12/27/15

This was my first training week using the training program provided by Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running.  I searched out Jason after getting ITB Syndrome in my left leg as a result of creating my own program (without knowing what I was doing).  I didn't do any running specific strength work, but did a lot of interval, as anyone would expect, I got injured.  Being 48 didn't help.

After being down with my injury for a few weeks and a few weeks of easy running and strength/mobility exercises, I started Jason's program.  This week total miles:  31

Monday - rest (ran 9.5 miles @ 7:20 pace yesterday)

Tuesday - 4 mi @ 8:00 pace on country roads around my house + 4 strides.  Core work and hip mobility exercises.

Wednesday - 8.2 mi @ 7:22 pace (First 5.2 miles @ 7:45 pace; last 3 mi @ 6:50 pace).  ITB rehab work (Jason Fitzgerald at Strength Running has a good video) + single leg deadlifts with 20 lb dumb bell in the hand on the same side as the deadlift (makes a difference I've found).  Upper body strength work (pull ups, push ups, overhead press, etc).  I did this run on the W&OD path in Leesburg.  I was supposed to run the last 3 @7:00 pace, but it was slightly down hill and I was feeling good.

Thursday - off.  Did some dynamic stretching and mobility work.  I find doing only 5-10 minutes at night really "gets the stiffness out", and makes the next day better

Friday - 6 miles @ 8:00 pace.  Felt easy and good.  Foam rolling, dynamic stretching.

Saturday - 3 miles @ 7:50 pace + 4 strides.  Core work.  Easy day.

Sunday - 10 miles @ 7:15 pace on C&O Canal.  This is a long run for me, but I feel good about it and the faster pace surprised me.  I felt good the whole way, I didn't intend to run this fast, but I felt good.  ITB rehab routine + single leg dead lift, Upper body strength work (pull ups, push ups, overhead press, etc)

Notes:  I live close to two very nice paths/trails in Virginia and Maryland (I live in Virginia, but close to the border of Maryland about 50 miles west of DC.).  Whenever I can, I run on the "C&O Canal towpath".  I really like this path because it is a softer surface of hard packed gravel/dirt, has no vehicle traffic and only a few runners/bikers/dog walkers, who for the most part are very courteous to those around them.  The other path I like to run a lot is the "W&OD" which is a nice paved path that runs from DC to western Virginia.  It is paved and in good condition with side dirt paths every now and then that I always take (again, softer surface for my 48 year old legs).

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